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Hello friends, I'm Shahzil Salman. I create this blog to write an article on Graphic Designing, Editing tips & tricks. I'm using this blog to share my editing tricks and tried to provide some important information.

In this blog, i regularly write a new post and explain my youtube video tuortials and I also use it to keep my old posts up to date.

We are on a mission to touch the lives of every graphic consumer by helping in doing more with all our devices.

According to the current data, ShazHacker are meeting more than 2 million monthly users on all our platforms and are growing fast

About Us:

Name- Shahzil Salman

City- Gujranwala

State- 52240

Pin- 52240

Contact- 3016400sw@gmail.com

YouTube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKx1bZbqYOv3fbgEbDDr9tQ
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